Don’t Let a Little Awkward Get You Down

I am an introvert through and through. I don’t like big crowds, but I also don’t like small groups of people I barely know. I have a limited comfort zone when it comes to social situations. I love spending time with people I’m close to or have been around a lot, but I also need... Continue Reading →


Why me?

I was born into a Christian family. Southern Baptists who thrive on community and Jesus. Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, I willingly went to class to learn about the Bible. I trembled with Jonah, ached for Daniel, and cried alongside Mary. I never once questioned whether God was real. I just knew. But at... Continue Reading →

Digitally Perfect

I have a constant inner struggle. To take advantage of the internet or to not take advantage of the internet. On one hand, the internet and social media are wonderful. Any information I could possibly want is right in my pocket and I can keep up with my cousins' kids as they grow up just... Continue Reading →

Marathon Dater

I've been conflicted about talking about my love life on the internet, but I also have made a pact with myself to be vulnerable and frank. So let me tell you a little story... Once upon a time, there was me. A gimpy little girl with dreams of a prince charming and a happily ever... Continue Reading →

Everyone Settles.

Sometimes you have to settle. If you read that sentence and immediately felt intense anger, you haven’t really thought about your life in depth. Or even human life as it exists right now. Sometimes you have to settle. Plain and simple. I currently work a not-so-great-paying job, but it’s a job I enjoy and is... Continue Reading →

A Gimp’s Guide to Charleston

When I was a junior in high school and considering what college I wanted to attend, College of Charleston was at the forefront. I was captivated by the beautiful, historic campus from the first moment of my tour. On top of the incredible architecture of the school buildings and the city as a whole, it’s... Continue Reading →


Monday is my 22nd birthday. Woo. Birthdays aren’t like what they are when you’re a little kid. No big themed parties (my unicorn-themed party was bomb), no stacks of presents, and no cakes decorated with your name (typically). I’ve traded my party hats and candles for a nine-hour work day and a simple dinner this... Continue Reading →


You don’t have a say in what I want to be called. You don’t have a say in the fact that I use words like “disabled” and “handicapped.” You do not get to tell me if I am being politically correct or not when I talk about disability. You don’t have a say because I’ve... Continue Reading →

Not Just A Fashion Statement

“Why do you always wear dresses?” I get that question all the time. It comes off as accusatory and a bit hostile at times. Sometimes it comes along with “Why do you always have to look so cute?” in a fake disgusted tone. Well first, let me apologize by offending you with my $10 dress... Continue Reading →

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